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Spiders: Fight Your Phobia Workshop Voucher

Description: We understand how a fear of spiders can really begin to impact on people’s everyday lives. Our course is designed to help you to overcome your fear of spiders in a friendly, relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Our experienced team will do everything they can to help you overcome your fears in a friendly, relaxed and supportive atmosphere. The spider phobia workshops consist of one afternoon where participants will learn all about phobias from our clinical hypnotherapist Morag Torrance – how they develop, what they are and how they make us react.

Our expert keepers then talk about spiders, how fascinating they can be and that there is really nothing to be afraid of.

This will then be followed by a group hypnosis session with Morag to help remove negative subconscious associations with spiders and reinforce positive ones.

Participants will then have the opportunity to go into a different room and learn how to calmly catch and release a British house spider.

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